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Immersing yourself in nature, taking inspiration and drawing from its enveloping nurturing environment does so much for your mind, body and soul. That is why I have created a time and space for us to gather together, to coach you on mindfullness and tap into your inner wisdom and strength. To love and live your life YOUR way.

Simple and Beautiful courses/retreats to realign yourself with the natural world and to nurture the soul. We will do this by, elevating your conscious awareness to what matters most to you in life. To live the life that feels right for you and your family as you go through life seasons. To light your fire and burn brightly and fulfil your potential.

The Wellness hour

This concept came about as I felt a need to create a time and space for people to slow down in the busyness of life. To connect with themselves, with each other in community as well as draw inspiration from nature and as we change and adapt to the seasons. It’s a time to be mindful, to focus on our well being and take a moment to pause and just be.

What to expect

  • Weekly exclusive online group coaching via Zoom (outside gatherings in nature will resume as we come out of lockdown and COVID 19 restricitons)
  • 1 hour of guided breath exercise, mindful journalling, seasonal topic discussion and habit creating with accountability
  • Access to WhatsApp group with your coach Natalie Kirby 
  • Prepare to fill your cup, work on self growth, self care and overall mind/body/soul well being
  • Connect and be part of a community of women supporting each other

email for bookings


Frazzled to Dazzled Mama

This online course has been specifically designed for Mamas to reclaim their confidence and control. To overcome the overwhelm of motherhood and especially in times of lockdown and isolation that we have been through in 2020.

Let’s navigate the rest of the year together, to reflect, rediscover and live our best lives.

We can come through the other side stronger, more capable and more in tune with ourselves and a clear vision of our hope for the future.

Move away from the comparison state and embrace you true self and DAZZLE as the amazing women and mother you are.

I will teach you how to setup your day for success, to live according to your own rules and values and get you realigned to loving yourself and your life.

The course outline:

  • Goal Setting Masterclass
  • Weekly workshops via Zoom (4 in total with homework activities)
  • Bonus Celebration workshop via Zoom

To sign up please email and you will be sent schedule of next course date and an invoice will be sent to you to secure your spot on the next programme


I have definitely become more secure in myself…I’ve enjoyed how open I have become in expressing my thoughts and feelings…coaching is a great tool to truly get to know yourself….

Nandi M

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