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I believe you can create the life of your dreams and be an amazing mother and wife at the same time.

I am passionate about making the word a better place. I do this by living simply and as eco friendly as I can. By doing so I bring this into my practice and love to share my knowledge to help others in their journey.

Looking to make a change in your life. To build your confidence and achieve work life balance. To live with purpose and realign with your values and what is important to you in life. Then this is the programme for you.

6 month programme

During one-to-one coaching sessions I help clients to create goals in a chosen life area which requires focus to get more balance in their life, for example, starting a new business or transition into a new role at work.

I also help people to gain a work life balance by focusing on other life areas such as their health and fitness or taking on new hobbies all of which improves performance in other areas.

For many, it’s the coaching process of increasing self awareness and gaining more confidence and self belief that helps them to step out and become the best they can be and to enjoy great fulfilment in life. All my coaching is completely tailored to my clients individual needs.


One hour coaching session every fortnight

Client workbook after every session which includes your Action Steps to work on

Email/Call support between sessions

Monthly milestone review 

End of 6 month Celebration guarantee!

The 13 session programme is recommended over 6 months as it takes this long to achieve realistic goals and make a lasting change and impact to your life areas.

The intensive goal setting session

This is a 3 hour in-depth coaching session where you will come away with defined goals that are



-Broken down into manageable milestones.

We will work together to build the foundations for your success by eliminating any initial fears and empowering you to take the next steps towards creating the life you deserve.


Next Steps

Book your FREE discovery call today by dropping me an email at theweecountrymouse@gmail.com and we can hold your first session to start your journey.

As effective 1st Feb 2021 you can – Receive 10% discount offer

JUST £693 WHEN you Pay in full or:

14 payments of £55.

At the beginning of the process I wasn’t sure which direction to go and by the end I had landed my dream job.

Kate M

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